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Potbellied Pig FAQ's and Information

Below: Traveling With Your Pet Pig

Q: Hello!!!!!!!! So great to have somewhere to ask some piggy ?'s! I'm writing in regards to my 300 pound (UGH!)pot bellied piggy "Mr. Wilby Never Bacon" He is the love of my life:) and I need to have him transported to Montana from Alpine,Ca(outside San Diego). He is currently in Calif. with his grandparents but I miss him so. I've done some research via the web on a few places that ship via airline and on land. Would it be better if I try to do the shipping by myself or pay a company? I do have a horse trailer. I realize it will be very stressful either way but it needs to be done :(

Do you know of anyone who has used such places or done a cross country trip themselves? He is soooo big and is also fat blind so I don't trust him with just anyone, as you know being a fellow pig owner. He has a valid vet cert. and blood work ready to go. I heard you should not tranq. either. I'm so worried....I am making a deluxe insulated place for him to live here. Thanks so much for your time, I'd love to get some feed back back! Megan

A: Hi Megan, always nice to hear from pig moms! As for your travel plans. It has been my experience that its always better to do it yourself cause no one knows your pig like you do. I assume your horse trailer has rubber mats for non skid traction and he will do fine in the trailer. It would be best for him for you to do this before the really hot weather hits if possible.

Airlines are almost out of the question for a boy his size. They demand a crate large enough for him to stand and turn around...yuk yuk and by the time you have a crate like that it won't fit through the airliner cargo door!! Dept. of Ag made that a law....thinking about dogs that can bend in the middle...not fat pigs that can't turn corners. We have a couple of pigs here that came via a van line service called Fin, Fur and Feather....I wasn't impressed too much with them when they thought the pigs should "jump" out of the van themselves upon arrival.

For the trip you have in mind I would think the horse trailer would be the best route to go and be less stressful than being in a crate. Most pigs settle down after a couple of hours on the road and if it gets too warm during the day you can travel at night when these guys are sleeping anyway. I know many people that used to show and they hauled pigs from Indiana to TX and left early evening so the pigs wouldn't have to be let out all night when they would be sleeping.

If your boy has the trailer to himself he should be just fine...he may be a little sore the first couple of days after you get him home but that will wear off quickly. Some tips on loading....try to back trailer against a fence or solid wall and make a runway to herd him up. Doing it right the first time will save a lot of stress on both of you. Hope this helps and let me hear from you.

Q: We have to move and it would be about 4 hours drive or even more and we have a nearly 2 year old pig, what would be the best way of "transporting" him the pig?

A: The best and safest method is to put him in a large size pet carrier. A four hour drive isn't really that long and even if he can't turn around in it he will do fine.

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